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    We have Group Discounts available. All Group Bookings must be pre-booked and confirmed prior to arrival. We also have school booking rates (check out the Educational page for further information and booking forms).

    Group Rates (min 10 Adults – prices are per person). Bookings MUST be made to attract the Group Booking Rates.
    All enquiries for Group Bookings should be directed to or phone 1800 300 477.


    Jobs Available


    We’re looking for casual Zip Line Guides to work at the Otway Fly over the busy Christmas holiday period. It Employment Opportunites Zip Liningis expected that work will be available from Boxing Day through to the end of January. Penalty rates apply. … Please call or send your resume to (03) 52359200

    Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures
    Discover The Otway Fly Treetop Walks & Zip Lining Tours

    Address360 Phillips Track Weeaproinah Victoria 3237
    Toll Free1800 300 477
    Email Booking Enquiry
    Booking Online Reservations
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    Click here for exact map location

    Otway Fly Treetop Walk

    The Treetop Walk is a unique attraction which enables visitors to experience a 600 metre walk through beautiful warm temperate rainforest. Experience the sensation of being 25 metres above the forest floor. The walk commences at the visitor centre, which subtly introduces you to the rainforest, descending gently to the entry structure and onto the steel trussed tree walk.

    As you proceed along the level walkway, the ground progressively drops away taking you on a journey through the upper reaches of the rainforest vegetation strata. You emerge through the ferns of the forest floor to the tranquillity and beauty of the forest canopy.

    At 25 metres high you experience a unique, close view of the flora and fauna of the rainforest. Before you know it you are staring out above the tops of some trees and there are also some spectacular stands of ferns to look down on.

    Beautifully designed and informative Interpretation Panels, explain in greater detail what the visitor is looking at several points along the walk, enriching the Otway Fly experience.

    The walkway itself is some 600 metres long, while the walk is a 1.9 kilometres round trip and takes approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete. The Otway Fly provides visitors of all ages and levels of mobility a unique and challenging experience at all times of the year.

    Zip Lining! The exciting new eco-adventure at Otway Fly Tree Top Adventures

    The Otway Fly Zip Line Tour is a unique eco-wilderness adventure that takes place in the magnificent Otways rainforest.

    The first of its kind in Victoria, the Zip Line tour involves traversing from one platform to another connected by tree platforms called ‘cloud stations’, and attached to a steel cable suspended up to 30 meters above the forest floor.

    This exciting adventure lasts 3.5 hours and will have you flying on a series of cable spans from cloud station to cloud station and enjoying some features on this Zip Line Tour that are not available on any other Zip Line Tour in the world. The Zip Line Tour is classified as a “medium” adrenalin activity.

    Visitors will see the trees and forest ecology in a new light and learn about our growing and vibrant forests and when you come back to ground, you’ can continue on to enjoy the Otway Fly Treetop Walk.

    The Zip Line Tour is guided by trained and experienced guides. Our guides will provide you with an insight into our forest’s history and its features and provide you with an experience you won’t forget!

    Opening Times:

    We are OPEN daily (9am - 5.30pm with last entry to the walk at 4.30pm).

    Otway Fly Activities
    For further details go to our website and click the events area.

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